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A blue moon ago, there was a national store that had a special light that came on when there was a sale. It is alright if you are too young to remember that time. Nevertheless, if you see blue lights shining upon our building, you will know that a sale is in progress.

You’ll still be able to save on eye essentials even when we’re having a sale. We have frames that sell for as low as one dollar. If you think you have to go online or drive 50 miles for inexpensive eyewear, somebody might be keeping you in the dark!


The Jasper Optical Lab is located in a large brick building on the south side of Jasper, Indiana across McDonald’s. We have a timer that turns on amber lights that shine upon the building at night. However, one light remains green on the north side of the establishment. It is there because of the Green Light Project.

The green light serves as a reminder to honor, remember, and thank those who are currently serving in our military. We also wish to bring attention to the veterans who have sacrificed for our freedom.

Dr. Gordon and his staff at the Jasper Optical Lab wanted us to use this spot to thank you and say, “God bless you!” All military personnel and veterans can count on a discount for their selves and their spouses. The markdown serves as a thank you for your service and bravery.

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