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What We Offer 

Comprehensive Eye Exams 

Dr. Gordon has built this large practice by making each and every patient feel special and unique. His chair side manner is second to none. You can sense immediately he cares about you and your overall health and well-being.

He has a large network of colleagues that he uses in the event there are other issues in regard to your eyes, including diabetic and neurological referrals. He has close ties with several surgeons and will be glad to refer you on for cataract surgery of a second opinion with retinal specialists, if necessary.

Dr. Gordon has a strong interest in eye disease and is one of the few who routinely dilates eyes to make sure there is no disease in areas that are not seen during non-dilated exams.

He always says this about offices who do not dilate: “Can you imagine going to see a dentist that tells you he is only going to look at a few of your teeth and still charge you the full amount?” His keen eye and due diligence has saved not only eyes but lives by being very thorough. He goes above and beyond what has sadly become the norm.

Dr. Gordon is highly trained. He worked on an Air Force base on one of his rotations and examines the eyes of generals and down to the eyes of the children of the enlisted. He went from there to the prestigious Carle Clinic in Champagne, Illinois and worked under and with a team of four eye surgeons in that hospital. Dr. Gordon also, in the past, has gone up to Bloomington to the School of Optometry to lecture the 4th year student doctors.

Dr. Gordon’s philosophy to eye care is different. Yes, he knows a lot about eyes but he realized that you know more about your eyes than he does. We look into them but you look through them and have for years. What you tell us helps us and we listen carefully. You are telling us what is going on. Wouldn’t we be foolish not to listen?

Around here, we look at things differently. We invite you to come visit us and see just what you have been missing!

Ideal Eyewear Solutions

From quality budget eyeglasses to top-of-the-line designer frames, we have the right eyewear solution for you. We pride ourselves on being the only Tom Ford retailer in the area. In addition, we offer 21 other designer brands that you can choose from. We also carry the finest selection of affordable frames that you can get for as low as a dollar.

Feel free to visit us today. Our highly trained staff is available to help you choose the best frames and prescription glasses that suit your lifestyle and optical needs.

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